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Artwork by Christina Gu, 8th grade

Welcome to Greene

Greene Middle School is a collaborative community of students, families and staff dedicated to a supportive and safe learning environment which fosters a sense of belonging, academic growth, personal enrichment, resilience, and independence. At Greene, we are dedicated to building a learning environment that promotes respect, open-mindedness, community, kindness for our students. .


A special thank you to all of the parents who responded to an S.O.S. from Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) schools asking for parent volunteers to fill spots left empty by staffing shortages and COVID-19 absences.

The push, called 1 Palo Alto, put parent volunteers on campuses across the district beginning Wednesday (Jan 12 2022). PAUSD is asking parents to step up and fill support staff positions including assistance with the COVID Testing Clinic, food services, light custodial work, office assistance, and classroom support.

The video to the right is an ABC News Report on what our Community is doing at Greene Middle School and here is a link to ABC News article

Greene Parents Rock