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Student Council Election

2020-21 Greene Middle School Student Council Election

Online Registration Form: Click HERE.
Email Mr. Macias with any questions:

6th Grade: Top 5 elected as Officers.

7th Grade: Top 5 elected as Commissioners.

8th Grade:

President - First place elected President.
Second place elected Vice-President.
Spirit Leader - First place is elected.
Treasurer - First place is elected.
Secretary - First place is elected.

Monday, September 28th

Student Council Elections Informational Meeting

Come to the Zoom lunch informational meeting and find out more about Student Council and the positions available for your grade level. Zoom Link (987 3050 3747)

Friday, October 2nd

Registration Forms Due

Form is linked above. Form must be completed by the end of the day. Please read all information carefully.

Friday, October 9th

Video Recorded Speeches Due

All candidates will record speeches and submit them to Mr. Macias by the end of the day. All speeches must follow the guidelines explained in the registration form.

Friday, October 16th

Speeches Played During Advisory. All Students Vote.

Candidate speeches will be played during advisory. Once speeches are complete, students will vote for candidates in their grade level.

October 17-18

Candidates Informed of Results

Candidates will be informed of election results through email.

Tuesday, October 20th

Results Announced on The Greene Screen

Final results for all positions will be announced on The Greene Screen.