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Yearbook is now Accepting Baby Ads

Every year, Greene has a tradition of placing Baby Ads towards the end of the yearbook. These ads are a quarter page where parents can write a parting message to their students, as they will no longer be at Greene. Below is an example of the Baby Ad template the yearbook staff chose this year:

If you would like to purchase a Baby Ad for your student this year, please follow the steps below:   1) Make sure you have already purchased a yearbook for your student this year. Everyone who purchased a yearbook before October 31, 2022 should have received an email confirmation with receipt of purchase. If you have not, then please search for the Parent Square Post entitled, "On Sale: First Semester Yearbook Prices" and complete the reservation/payment process. If you believe you purchased a yearbook and did not receive a receipt, please email 2) Please complete the Wish List attached to this post. The cost of a Baby Ad this year is $20. 3) Please complete the Input Form attached to this post. Through this form, you can upload your three photos and your message you would like in the yearbook to your student. Please make sure to label your photos before upload "First Name_Last Name_#". The number should be 1, 2 or 3, based on where you want it placed according to the template. This is really important. If no photo number is given, we will do what we think looks best in the yearbook.  Please be mindful that the photos selected will fit in the boxes provided. Also, please make sure the message is not too long, so it will all fit in the quarter page. We will email you a receipt of purchase in January, after we have collected everyone's payment. If you have any questions, please email