This new school year brings bountiful changes to our Greene Counseling staff. Through the generous support of PiE, and rooted in the PAUSD core beliefs about how to support our youth, we are able to offer increased academic and mental health counseling options for all of our middle school students.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate grade level counselor regarding your student. If you are unsure whom to contact, feel free to contact Jena Babcock, our Guidance Secretary, at (650) 494-8120, or the grade level administrator.

Grade Level Counselors

6th Grade: Meghan Ben

Meghan is continuing at Greene this year as our 6th Grade Counselor. She will be working closely with our 6th Grade Teaching Teams and 6th Grade Administrator, Mimi Kwon. If you have a counseling concern regarding a 6th grade student, please contact Meghan at

7th Grade: Kellie Raczkowski

Kellie be working closely with our 7th Grade Teaching Teams and 7th Grade Administrator, Magdalena Fittoria. If you have a counseling concern regarding a 7th grade student, please contact Kellie at

8th Grade: Kylie Payne

Kylie will be working closely with our 8th Grade Teaching Teams and 8th Grade Administrator, James Lubbe. If you have a counseling concern regarding an 8th grade student, please contact Kylie at

Social Emotional/Mental Health:

Betty Krumboltz

Betty is continuing her work at Greene this year in a new role as a Counselor with a focus on social emotional support and intervention. Betty will be working with specific students in grades 6-8 to build school connection and efficacy. (Betty has transitioned out of the grade level guidance role, so if you need help with scheduling, 504 information or academic support, please contact Kyle Payne, 8th grade Counselor.)

Susan Curry

Susan is continuing this year as our Mental Health Counselor. She is available by referral and drop-in to assist students with the spectrum of mental health needs, and is able to work with students for a longer duration and at a deeper level in the school environment.

Thank you! And see you soon!

Valerie Royaltey-Quandt,