On November 4th the district shared with you the link to the California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS) for our school. The link to the survey is here.

If you would still like to participate in the survey and would like a paper survey, get help with the survey, need technical support, or have questions regarding the survey, there are Family Outreach Events available. 


  • Greene Middle School: 
    • 750 N. California Avenue Palo Alto, CA
    • December 9 and December 17
    • 7pm-8pm
  • YMCA at East Palo Alto: 
    • 550 Bell Street, East Palo Alto, 94303
    • December 18
    • 7pm- 8pm
  • Barron Park Elementary School: 
    • 800 Barron Avenue Palo Alto, CA 
    • December 10 and December 19
    • 7pm-8pm