Good Evening Greene Families, 

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of May and soon we will be ending our 2019-20 school year.   As we are in the sixth week of our eight weeks of Required Online Learning Experiences, we hope all students are doing well and looking forward to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer.  We are getting closer!  

Thank you for discussing your student’s Progress Reports with them and encouraging them to seek teacher feedback to make any adjustments necessary to earn credit.  Hopefully your student has received Schoology messages, emails or even phone calls to help feel connected.  Office Hours with all teachers are still occurring daily, and schedules are posted in every course via Schoology.  We are in the final push, and I know we are all doing everything we can to support our students to finish strong.  

Tech support and resources from PAUSD are still available.  If your student needs a Chromebook, please visit Ohlone Elementary School on Friday, May 22, between 12-3 PM.  

Our last week of school (Monday, June 1-Thursday, June 4) will be a time for students to turn in school materials and collect personal items from the Greene campus.  The detailed plans for Greene students will be coming out next week, but please note the alphabetical schedule everyday between 9:00-2:45:

  • Monday, June 1 =  Last Names letters A through D
  • Tuesday, June 2 = Last Names letters E through Le
  • Wednesday, June 3 =  Last Names letters Li through Shy
  • Thursday, June 4 = Last Names letters Si through Z

Due to the safety and health limitations we have at this point in time, parents will not be allowed on campus with their students, and a limited number of students will be allowed into the halls at a time. Each segment of the alphabet will be scheduled for a specific time, but there will be a make-up time each day in case your student cannot make their designated time. All of this will be explained next week in detail.

We will also be acknowledging our 8th grade students with Promotion Events.  These plans are in motion and we will share them out to all 8th grade families next week. 

While we are finalizing plans for closing out the school year, we are also continuing to focus on the start of the next school year.  As you heard in Superintendent Austin’s Webinar on Monday, we anticipate that school will look and feel different upon our return in the fall, and we are developing several plans to accommodate various scenarios. Please visit thoughtexchange and enter code 496-380-027 to provide your input and/or ask questions through Friday, May 22.  Of course, final decisions will be based on recommendations from the CDE, County Public Health, and Santa Clara County Office of Education in order to protect students and staff and optimize learning opportunities.  

As we enter the last ten days of school, please praise your students for their efforts as they near the end of their courses.  Continue to encourage your student to reach out to teachers if they have questions regarding missing assignments.  Keep up the good work, we’re getting closer! 

Enjoy the long weekend - Happy Memorial Day (Monday, May 25th)! 

Valerie Royaltey-Quandt

Principal, Greene Middle School