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Counseling Department

Hello Greene Community!  The Counseling Department has created a Virtual Wellness Center for our students and families to be able to access anytime and all the time.  It's full of wonderful resources to promote mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  To access these resources simply click on the various icons on the page 😊. Please check it out!

Virtual Wellness Center Link

Name & Email Position
Kylie Payne 6th Grade Counselor, 8th Grade M-Z  
Susan Curry-Sykes 7th Grade Counselor, 8th Grade A-L
Jena Babcock Counseling Secretary / Registrar
Pearla Fuerte Student and Family Engagement (SaFE) Specialist
Jason Krienke School Psychologist  
Ana Herrera Rocha

Mental Health and Wellness Associate 

Jimmy Phong Nguyen Mental Health and Wellness Associate