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Greene offers over 40 different elective courses for our students. Our electives allow our students to explore and find their passions by offering courses in Music, Language, Art, Computers, Drama, Family and Consumer Science, Engineering Technology, and other unique offering like AVID, Broadcast Media, Leadership and more. Click here to see our full list of elective offerings.

Elective Teachers

Name Position Web site
Jedd Bloom Broadcasting, ALD AVID, EL Coordinator English Department
David Brigham Band  
Christopher Mahle Drama Teacher  
Danae Clohan Spanish, Wheel  
Annette DeStefano Family & Consumer Sciences, Money Matters, CTE, Wheel Consumer Science
Teri Gilbert Family & Consumer Sciences, Computer Creations , Wheel, CTE  
Stacy Savickas Art Art Department (Paul Gralen)
Alice Lung Mandarin Chinese  
Susie Martone Choir  
Saki Matayoshi Japanese  
Elena Melendez 6th Grade Spanish Immersion, Writer's Workshop English Department
Christy Resinger French  
Sue Pound Web Master, Computers, Web Design, Wheel, CTE  
Hal Roach Industrial Tech, CTE, Wheel  
Noriyo Salzmann Japanese  
Stacy Savickas Art, Wheel  
Eva Trockel Spanish