School Climate

The Greene Middle School community of students, teachers, parents, and staff value the welcoming and inclusive climate of our school, and work in partnership to maintain and improve this positive school climate.  One of the school's primary goals is to nurture and develop a positive school climate and supportive environment for each member of our school community. The School Climate Committee, a group of dedicated teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and students, work throughout the year to develop strategies to build and enhance this sense of belonging and support at our school.  Our climate vision statement sets a focus for our work:  We have a Respectful, Open-minded, Community of Kind and Safe students.  Greene ROCKS!


School Climate Focus Themes for 2016-17


This year student activities, school wide events, and advisory programs will follow five themes:

  • Open Mindedness
  • Respect
  • Kindness
  • Community
  • Safety

These are straight from our school climate vision statement. Through the intentional exploration of these themes, students will develop a deeper understanding of how we can achieve our vision of a Respectful, Open-minded, Community, of Kind and Safe students at Greene.