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How to Reserve a Copy of Your Yearbook This Year

The yearbook staff is continuing to sell yearbooks now! The price for the remainder of the first semester will be $60 until 12/23/22. During the flash sale, two-thirds of our yearbook copies were reserved. Therefore, we will sell out. Please make sure to complete the following steps to reserve your copy before it is too late:

          1) Fill out the "Form Input " attached to this Parent Square message to show intent to purchase your copy for the yearbook. This collects relevant information like student id numbers, grade levels, preferred names and is necessary for our records process. 

          2) Fill out the "Wish List", indicating how many yearbooks you want. If you have two students, you may fill it out twice, or once for both- it is up to you. We are not accepting in person payments this year. Therefore, you must fill out the payment form and complete it online. 

          3) Look for a receipt of confirmation through ParentSquare or email within the next couple of weeks. I will email them personally, ensuring we have the correct information for each student. You will need to keep the receipt  generated for payment for your records in case anything happens.  This is our first time using ParentSquare for the yearbook, so we want to ensure all yearbook purchases are honored, in case there are any mistakes.

Please note, without filling out the form, submitting payment, and securing a receipt, the yearbook copy will not be reserved.

We will not be reserving copies via email. The form and payment request in ParentSquare must be filled out. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Kourtney Kientzy at The counselors will not be fielding questions- they have enough on their plates! 

Yearbook Scholarships 

  • Donations: The yearbook is expensive. If you would like to help donate to the yearbook fund, so we can supply scholarships for those students who can’t afford it, anything is appreciated! 

When reserving a copy for the yearbook for your student(s), there is an option on the “Form Input” there is a question to indicate if you would like to donate. Please let us know the amount you would like to donate (anything welcome), so we know how to allocate all funds for payment you provide. When completing your “Wish List” in the ParentSquare post, there is a place to donate funds online. Thank you for considering!

How to Reserve a Scholarship: 

Scholarship reservation requests are now taking place in Parent Square.

Please make sure you have a ParentSquare account. The steps to request a yearbook scholarship are:

          1. Find the ParentSquare Post entitled, “Scholarship Reservations for Yearbook”. 

          2. Once on the post, you must fill out the “Form Input”.

  • To reserve a scholarship, you must fill out the ParentSquare form. Please note, we cannot guarantee all scholarships, although we will try our best! When you fill out the form on ParentSquare, you will be placed on a scholarship list. The amount of scholarships we can award directly aligns with the funds received for those scholarships. Therefore, if you would like to contribute anything toward the cost of the yearbook, that is welcome and increases the chance of more students getting a scholarship. You can donate through the “Wish List” form attached to the Parent Square Post. Please note, we are NOT accepting any paper payments, all payments must be online. 
  • We will award scholarships on a first-come-first served basis. If we can award a scholarship, we will send you a digital confirmation through email
  • Scholarship reservations will not be accepted through email to any person on campus. If you have any questions or need help, please contact Kourtney Kientzy at

Baby Ads

Baby ads are reserved solely for 8th grade families who would like to send a quarter page farewell message to their student(s) in their last year at Greene. We have not opened Baby Ad submissions yet. As with everything else in the yearbook, we will launch Baby Ads through ParentSquare in October. An announcement will be sent out to all parents through ParentSquare. The cost of the ad will be $20. 

Every year, Greene has a tradition of placing Baby Ads towards the end of the yearbook. These ads are a quarter page where parents can write a parting message to their students, as they will no longer be at Greene. Below is an example of the Baby Ad template the yearbook staff chose this year:

If you would like to purchase a Baby Ad for your student this year, please follow the steps below:

1) Make sure you have already purchased a yearbook for your student this year. Everyone who purchased a yearbook before October 31, 2022 should have received an email confirmation with receipt of purchase. If you have not, then please search for the Parent Square Post entitled, "On Sale: First Semester Yearbook Prices" and complete the reservation/payment process. If you believe you purchased a yearbook and did not receive a receipt, please email .

2) Please complete the Wish List attached to this post. The cost of a Baby Ad this year is $20. 3) Please complete the Input Form attached to this post. Through this form, you can upload your three photos and your message you would like in the yearbook to your student.

Please make sure to label your photos before upload "First Name_Last Name_#". The number should be 1, 2 or 3, based on where you want it placed according to the template. This is really important. If no photo number is given, we will do what we think looks best in the yearbook.  Please be mindful that the photos selected will fit in the boxes provided. Also, please make sure the message is not too long, so it will all fit in the quarter page. We will email you a receipt of purchase in January, after we have collected everyone's payment.

Submitting Photos

 We have a small yearbook staff right now and, while we will try our hardest to make all events this year, we also would love the community’s help. If you have a great photo of Greene students, particularly in extracurricular activities, we would love them submitted to the yearbook! In order to do so, please:

          1. Load the photos to a folder in Google Drive. 

          2. Share the folder with Kourtney Kientzy, the yearbook advisory, at

Thank you for supporting the Greene Yearbook Staff! We appreciate it!