Career Technical Education Department Staff

Computer Applications

Grades 7,8 Semester

Explore a variety of applications to make cool projects using applications such as Adobe Spark, getting more out of our Google Suite, and creating Digital stories with Adobe Premiere Pro. The challenges include changing the scene through image manipulation and photo editing, making infographics, diving into improved website design, designing iBooks, and new and enhancing ways to create videos. Share your projects through blogs.

Computer Creations

Grades 7,8 Semester

Computer Creations is an exciting hands-on, project-based class for the student interested in cutting-edge technology for virtual reality, game development, animation, robotics and more. Projects use various programs and equipment to solve real world problems including

CodeHS, Animate, Tynker, Scratch, Blockly, CoSpaces and more! There is no homework in this elective -- acquire 21st Century skills in a self-paced class, working individually or in groups. Students may repeat this course in order to pursue more advanced projects.

Web Design 1A

Grades 7,8 Semester

Students create Web pages and sites using various computer applications and design techniques. They analyze Web sites for function, design, and aesthetics, navigation ease, and overall interest, and apply the principles they learn to their creations. Working from simple to more complex, projects include multi-page sites, embedded videos, music and/or animations, quizzes and surveys. Students use HTML, DreamWeaver, CSS, and Google Sites, in addition to Flash, GarageBand, PhotoShop, iMovie, and more.

Web Design 1B

Prerequisite: Web Design 1A Grades 7, 8 Semester

Web Design 1B is for those who want to continue developing their web authoring skills, including different coding languages, multi-page sites, videos for embedding on sites, composing music, creating mobile apps, and assisting with school sites. The sky’s the limit! Pitch it and let’s create it.

Video Production

Grades 7,8 Semester

Join us in Video Production and learn the basics of how to plan. film, and edit your own movies! Students will learn how to use video equipment, as well as a variety of techniques used in producing digital films. Working alone and in small teams, students share ideas through storyboards, then use cameras and tripods to set up and film a variety of shots. Students will import the footage on to the computer for editing, creating special effects, and adding sound. Projects vary each semester, but may include commercials and public service announcements, dramas, comedies, documentaries, special effects, and animations. This course is a pre-requisite for Broadcast Media (JTV).

Broadcast Media

Prerequisite: Video Production and Application with Recommendations Grades 7, 8 Semester

3-2-1. Action! Learn what it is like to be a television news reporter, producer, anchor, and technician at Greene’s own TV station, JTV. This hands on and fast paced class will teach young journalists the technique of reporting and producing news segments and building job skills needed to produce a live daily news broadcast. Broadcast journalists will fine-tune the steps of video production through pre-production (planning), production (videotaping) and post production (editing). Not only will everyone have the opportunity to work in the studio as a technician and news anchor, but also to produce many news segments about Greene, the community, and the world. Students use iMovie, GarageBand, Flash, Google Apps, Prezi, Animoto and many other innovative media presentation formats. This is an extremely student created, collaborative, project- based and technology oriented invaluable real world learning experience.

Beginning Architectural Drawing

Prerequisite: None

Grades 7, 8 Semester

In this course students will learn about basic residential home design and architectural engineering. Exposure to traditional as well as newer forms of design drafting will be taught. Student projects will include a scale model cabin and bridge. The cabin will be a scaled 384 square ft. structure containing at least three rooms. The bridge will be a scaled model built with wood and tested for strength using a turn force load.

Industrial Technology and Arts 1A

Prerequisite: None

Grades 7, 8 Semester

If you like art, computers, working with your hands and using your creative skills, then you should take this class. You will have the opportunity to design a selection of assignments using traditional and modern drafting techniques. Once the design process is completed, you will build your project with both hand and machine operated tools. Projects will include a lathe turned writing pen or pencil, a CO2 powered race car, and a doorstop. Advanced projects such as a clock or book rack will be available. Integration of engineering concepts will be a part of every unit.

Industrial Technology and Arts 1B

Prerequisite: 1A

Grades 7, 8 Semester

Do you use a cell phone? Watch television? Use a computer? Would you like to design and build your own electronic device? In this class you will get the chance to learn the basics about electricity and electronics. Every student builds his or her own alarmed jewelry box. Emphasis will be placed on safe use of tools, schematic plans and project fabrication.

Skills for Living

Ms Destefano's website: Family and Consumer Sciences 

Grade 7,8 Semester

Skills for Life is an exploratory course that utilizes fun, hands-on activities to explore many of the areas of Family and Consumer Science to help students prepare for their future by learning some basic life skills. Students will spend one quarter exploring an area of Family and Consumer Science and complete a unique sewing project. They will spend one quarter in the culinary lab learning about nutrition science, the proper use of equipment, kitchen safety rules, kitchen organization techniques and following and analyzing methods of preparation while making popular foods like Exploding Chicken Taquitos, Ricotta Ravioli, Apple Galette with Vanilla Ice Cream, Tomato Basil Bruschetta and Pumpkin Donuts. This class has no prerequisites or homework requirements and fulfills the prerequisites for World and Regional Foods.

Foods and Nutrition

Grade 7,8 Semester

Students will learn to work cooperatively in small groups to prepare popular and delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. They will learn hands-on cooking fundamentals, such as planning and following recipes, effective time management, safe and sanitary food preparation practices, proper use and care of kitchen equipment, the function of ingredients, and table manners. Students will increase their understanding of healthy nutrition and a balanced diet, explore the differences between healthier “homemade” foods verses convenience and fast foods, the impact of sugar, and how foods are marketed to consumers. Popular cooking challenges, such as Greene’s version of Chopped! or Master Chef Junior may be done. Each semester will cover related topics but may feature different variations on recipes and projects.

Creative Sewing

Grade 7,8 Semester

Students will master basic skills of controlling and operating the sewing machine. They will learn to make informed decisions with the purchase and use of patterns, fabrics, and notions. Students will work individually on projects, which may include sewing cool accessories, fun crafts, gifts items and creative clothing. Project selection will be individualized to meet student needs, abilities and experience levels with a special emphasis on creative embellishment, customization whenever possible, and the use of effective time management skills.

Regional and World Foods

Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition or FCS Skills for Life

Grade 7,8 Semester

This popular fast paced gourmet foods course is for students who have mastered the basics and want to refine their cooking skills. The first quarter will focus on “A taste of America” where students will go on a food related “journey” studying foods, culture and preparing regional recipes of the United States. The following quarter will be spent exploring international culture, cuisine, and preparing selected recipes of the world. Examples of past cooking labs are Herb & Spice Experimentation, Spanikopita, Homemade Sriracha Sauce, California Rolls, Chowder, various types of Pizza, Empanadas, Bolani, Crab Cakes, Ban Mi, Enchiladas, Philly Cheesesteak, Butter Chicken, and a chocolate Dessert Buffet. Popular Cooking Competitions, such as the Sweet & Savory Crepe Contest, Cupcake Wars, and the Amazing Food Truck Race are fun creative ways to collaborate together in kitchen groups to create delicious entrees judged by Greene staff or parents. An international luncheon may be planned, prepared, and served to selected staff members and students.